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General Frost offended Greta Thunberg

Victoria Nikiforova

The indifferent nature made an unpleasant surprise for the eco-warriors of all countries. Summer in the Arctic began with a delay, low pressure prevented the flow of warm air masses. And here the insidious Arctic ice behaved in accordance with the laws of physics, completely compromising the global warming agenda. It didn't melt.

Today the area of the glacier is 4.81 million square kilometers. This is a third more than, for example, in 2012.

This is not enough. Mother Nature has another surprise in store for us. Following autumn - this is, of course, a shock spoiler for elf people - winter will come. The large amount of ice around the North Pole will act as a refrigerator for the entire hemisphere. Huge air masses will float across the planet, cooling the atmosphere of Eurasia and North America. That is - another spoiler - it will be cold in winter.

All this sounds, at the present time, some kind of perverted heresy. What winter? The eco-warriors and the millions of elf people who have joined them have long lived in eternal summer, they round dance all day long, reinforced with soy nectar and coconut ambrosia, go to bed at sunset and have not the slightest idea of what electricity is and how it is produced by graceful windmills with white blades.

The round dances are led by the beautiful girl Greta Thunberg. She urges young eco-warriors not to go to school - but instead to carry out "climate strikes", that is, the whole class breaks loose from lessons and hang out in the squares. She ordered all mankind not to shower in the shower, not to eat meat, not to fly in airplanes, not to travel in cars and to urgently slaughter all the cows.

Her followers have taken the next logical step and in all seriousness urge us to stop childbirth. A baby, you see, pollutes nature. Its carbon footprint is 58.6 tons of carbon dioxide every year, easy? But there are also diapers there, cans for baby food, and in general, childbirth is disgusting and old-fashioned.

I’m still waiting for who will take the next step, come out, so to speak, and bring the green agenda to its logical conclusion, inviting all of humanity to commit suicide. Well, in fact, every second, like the damned, we exhale carbon dioxide. Well, it's time to do something about it.

However, every winter, the green agenda collides with reality. Mercury in old non-ecological thermometers drops below zero, General Frost takes over, and then it turns out that the apartment is cold, gasoline has risen in price, the electricity bill is hundreds of euros a month, and prices in the nearest cafe suddenly skyrocketed by one and a half times.

The elf people realize that there is some kind of connection between all these events, but they do not understand what it is. The only thing that remains for them is to perform the rituals of their religion as furiously as possible and to sort the garbage even more thoroughly. Turn on the shower for a minute, the electric fireplace for half an hour, go to bed in socks, sweaters and hats and persuade yourself that all this is being done for the sake of Mother Nature.

The bad behavior of the Arctic ice reminds us of the real power of Mother Nature and makes us ask various unpleasant questions. The main one is - isn't the impact of people on the Earth's ecosphere exaggerated? After all, our planet has been around for four and a half billion years. During this time, life has developed here and has quite successfully evolved, giving rise to a Homo sapiens with his faith in Greta Thunberg and pink ponies.

Humanity began to exert some minimal effect on the planet's atmosphere only decades ago. And even then, all CHP plants on the planet emit an order of magnitude less CO2 than ordinary volcanoes. And the Russian taiga absorbs this CO2 also on an industrial scale, inaccessible to any factories.

This, by the way, makes our country an absolute global donor of oxygen. If global warming is indeed caused by carbon dioxide emissions, then Russian nature fights it better than anyone else on the planet. Our country would be supposed to get grants from the UN for this, and not tax it with a carbon tax.

Accurate measurements of temperature on Earth have been systematically conducted for a little over a century - on the time scale of our planet, this is nothing. We know very well from history that in the XIV-XIX centuries our ancestors calmly survived the "Little Ice Age" - then the good Londoners skated on the frozen Thames in winter. And beforeit there was a medieval "global warming" - when Greenland was a green island with a mild climate, where people lived peacefully and crops grew.

It is believed that today there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, scientists from the University of Potsdam calculated that during the Pliocene period (this is 2.6-3.3 million years ago) the level of CO2 was exactly the same. But when there was less carbon dioxide, the ice age began.

Independent scientists believe that global temperature fluctuations are associated primarily with the activity of the Sun. Only it can, by and large, affect the ecosphere of the Earth, including the melting of glaciers.

It is not a fact that global warming really exists. It is not a fact that it is stable. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences oceanologist Gennady Matishov believes, for example, that we will soon have another "Little Ice Age".

All this would be interesting to discuss. The planet really is our common home and it would be useful to understand what we can really do for it. After all, there is undoubtedly a grain of reason in the green agenda. There is a sense in sorting garbage and in its correct disposal. It is extremely important for Russia to reduce harmful emissions from industrial enterprises, this would significantly improve the health of the nation. It is high time to stop wasting water and heat senselessly - remember, this was called for back in the Soviet Union.

All these questions deserve a lively, interested discussion. A dispute in which truth could well be born. The sad thing is that all discussions in this area are practically prohibited.

Greta Thunberg and her comrades have become the true Inquisition of our time. Moreover, the inquisitors of the past could only envy their control over the information field. Almost any media, any digital platform imposes a green agenda on us. Driven to the point of absurdity, it threatens to become the new sectarian religion of our day.

The same story with the Arctic ice, which did not want to melt, has already been cleared out of all the search engines. If you try to find it, be prepared to wade through dozens of Internet pages on which continuous panic will reign: the ice is melting, gentlemen of the jury!

It’s strange to remember that a few years ago, many media outlets managed to maintain independence in green issues. The British Daily Mail published, for example, provocative revelations of meteorologists, who for years overestimated temperature data, just to secure grants for "warming".

There was also a funny story about a British scientist, according to whom a terrifying schedule of the coming global warming "in the form of a hockey stick" was drawn up. The stick was shown to world leaders at climate summits. Then the scientist was asked to present his data. And then it turned out that he had lost them. Everything. Entirely. Right in his office, among folders and pieces of paper. Since then, they have not been found.

But today the global financial elite has taken up the green agenda. All these hastily invented emissions and quotas became the subject of exchange trading, and for this business the entire information field was simply cemented. Every self-respecting newspaper now has a "green" section. Environmental awareness has become the lot of every educated citizen.

The main information resources tirelessly drive into the pliant brains of our contemporaries a trend towards veganism, a refusal to consume, and a refusal to bear children. Eco-religion assumes that in this way we save nature. But in fact, we are just stuffing the pockets of the global financial speculators.

Insane prices for heating, electricity, food - that's all that the green agenda brings to the masses. Well, and another reason to run into Russia. English newspapers have long called any cold snap "Russian cyclone" or "Siberian frost".

The correct answer to this would be to return to the true essence of the green agenda. In fact, it is designed to save the health of people and nature. But in the version that is now practiced in Europe, it only contributes to the enrichment of a handful of financial speculators. Trillions of dollars for them, hunger and cold for ordinary people. We urgently need to do something about this. "It's time to get this land back for ourselves."

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