Almost Weimar: Merkel summed up the results of her rule
On the eve of her resignation, Chancellor Merkel - Germany's permanent leader for sixteen years - gave a long farewell interview to the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

New normalcy abolished women
There are billions of the usual cisgender - that is, loving men - working, pregnant and giving birth women. They seem to be absent in the new normalcy at all. They literally create both the life and wealth of our planet, but they have no voice and seem to be nonexistent.

Soros's henchman or his victim? Austrian Chancellor resigns
"Young Metternich", "Alpine Trump", "Jack of Hearts", "Little Hitler" - what else was the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz called? Oh yeah, also a child prodigy and Mozart. The world's youngest foreign minister and the youngest chancellor in Austrian history began his political career at the age of seventeen. Today, at thirty-five, Kurz is a true political heavyweight. His sudden resignation from the post of chancellor became a global scandal.

General Frost offended Greta Thunberg
The indifferent nature made an unpleasant surprise for the eco-warriors of all countries. Summer in the Arctic began with a delay, low pressure prevented the flow of warm air masses. And here the insidious Arctic ice behaved in accordance with the laws of physics, completely compromising the global warming agenda. It didn't melt.

The virus as a weapon: corporations use it to divide the world
American Internet users gloomily joke that the new strain of coronavirus "has killed fewer people so far than Alec Baldwin" (the Hollywood actor recently shot a woman on the set). Nevertheless, the omicron has already managed to get things done. Air traffic with a dozen African countries was suspended. Tourism, which had just begun to rise, collapsed again. At the same time, supply chains began to be interrupted, hence the deficit, rising prices, and food shortages. The economy of already poor countries is again at the bottom.

Do Americans want war with Russia?
There is a fair amount of evasion in the whole story with Ukraine. We are discussing the problem of Donbass, the non-fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, the passionate desire of our neighbours to join NATO. For themselves, however, everyone understands perfectly well that Ukraine has nothing to do with it at all.

Americans create a medical extraordinary commission with global power
In the era of coronavirus, the most interesting events - those that can quite dramatically change the lives of billions of people - hardly make it into the news. Have you heard a lot about the emergency session of WHO on December 1? No, everyone was discussing a new strain, Adele's new album and yet another Russian villainy - a close cold weather, which the European tabloids affectionately call Beast from the East.