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Soros's henchman or his victim? Austrian Chancellor resigns

Victoria Nikiforova

"Young Metternich", "Alpine Trump", "Jack of Hearts", "Little Hitler" - what else was the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz called? Oh yeah, also a child prodigy and Mozart. The world's youngest foreign minister and the youngest chancellor in Austrian history began his political career at the age of seventeen. Today, at thirty-five, Kurz is a true political heavyweight. His sudden resignation from the post of chancellor became a global scandal.

The Austrian Chancellor practically does not speak about his ancestors and the past of his family. According to official data, his mother is a teacher, his father is an engineer, both are devout Catholics. However, evil tongues accused young Kurtz of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. "Horseback riding, golf, prosecco, balls at the Vienna Opera - this is his lifestyle," the famous sociologist Bernhardt Heinzlmeier gossiped.

All this somehow does not fit into the professions of the parents, but there are many such lacunae in Kurz's biography. The life of his girlfriend, a high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Finance, Suzanne Tyr, is also extremely classified. All that is known about her is that she met Kurtz when they were both 18 years old, and since then have not parted, although they have not formalized the marriage.

Young Kurz was brought into politics by Marcus Figl, the grand-nephew of Leopold Figl, the famous Austrian politician, who at one time - shortly after the war - was also the youngest chancellor in the country. This family clan adheres to a conservative agenda based on the values of the Catholic religion and classical capitalism. Also, they transfer to relatives by inheritance high posts in the Austrian People's Party (ANP).

Under Feegle's wing, Sebastian Kurtz made a rapid career in the ANP youth division and became its leader. At the age of 25 he was appointed Minister of Integration, at the age of 27 - Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was so busy that he was forced to leave the university without receiving a diploma. "How will he look next to Lavrov and Steinmeier ?!" - then critics of the young talent were indignant

From the very beginning, Kurz was torn apart by the people's love-hate. On the one hand, his close-up photos were on the front pages of all newspapers. His jackets and socks became a topic of conversation. As soon as he went out in public, crowds of fans rushed at him to take a selfie. (Note in parentheses: the Chancellor really looks great.) On the other hand, serious political figures - all in old age, regalia and wrinkles - grumbled that it was all a mess and would soon be over.

However, the child prodigy did not give up and really showed himself to be an intelligent diplomat. Under him, Vienna became one of the leading centers of world politics. This is where the talks were held on the Iranian deal. Vladimir Putin came here on a state visit.

And in 2016, "young Metternich" achieved the seemingly impossible. At the insistence of Kurz, who overcame the resistance of the German establishment and personally Angela Merkel, the "Balkan route" was blocked - the road to Europe for illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East. This significantly reduced the burden on the EU and allowed the bloc to somehow survive the migrant crisis. At the same time, it positioned Austria as the heiress of Austria-Hungary - the defender of the Slavic countries, its former possessions, from invasion from the East.

In May 2017, Kurz became the head of the ANP, and in December he became the chancellor of Austria. The local leftists went hysterical. The Austrian left hated Kurz since when he was Minister for Integration. He pushed through a law on compulsory German lessons in schools for migrant children and a ban on the burqa. Kurz was also against gay marriage, believing that the already existing partnership law was enough for homosexuals. In addition, the Chancellor is an open Catholic, which is simply a mortal sin today.

Leftist haters called the politician "Baby Hitler". Austrian Time Travel! Finally, you can kill Hitler in infancy! " - the German satirical magazine "Titanic" was having fun.

However, Kurz did not work out with the extreme right either. By agreeing to a coalition with a rather radical, by European standards, "Party of Freedom", Kurz cleverly appropriated their agenda.

First of all, it was a painful migrant issue. The ANP leader cut benefits to migrants and payments to their families, tightly controlled the flow of newcomers, campaigned for national Austrian values and the integration of aliens. After the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, he openly stated that his country would no longer accept a single Afghan refugee.

But at the same time, the Chancellor harshly suppressed any nationalist antics. Upon learning that the New Zealand terrorist who shot the Christchurch mosque was transferring money to the Austrian identityists, Kurz demanded that they be dispersed immediately. And again a stream of insults poured on him - now from the right-wing radicals. Paradoxically, the Chancellor - the star and hope of European conservatives - began to be called "Soros's henchman".

There was some truth in this. When Viktor Orban expelled the European University of George Soros from Hungary, Kurz immediately suggested that the scandalous oligarch relocate the university to Vienna. The Chancellor meets regularly both with Soros himself and with his son, Alexander.

At the same time, Kurz manages to be friends with Trump and his entire family. This does not prevent him from attending the secret gatherings of Trump haters -- Bigtech leaders arranged by the Alphabet owner Eric Schmidt.

For his cautious silence on scandalous reasons, Kurtz was nicknamed "the quiet chancellor" in his homeland. His maneuvering and ability to make friends with absolutely opposite people really infuriates radicals - both on the left and on the right. However, for Austria, such a chancellor turned out to be a real gift. The country demonstrates sustainable economic growth from year to year. Vienna has regained its former splendor, becoming one of the centers of world diplomacy.

In 2018, Kurz invited Vladimir Putin to the country and in a peculiar way celebrated the 50th anniversary of gas supplies from Russia - the Austrian OMV signed a contract with Gazprom for a period until 2040. As a result, today Austria has bypassed the pan-European energy crisis.

All this, of course, could not get away with Kurtz. The American partners got worried. How is it, in completely controlled Europe, with its sterilized political elite, suddenly appeared a bright statesman who has the courage to conduct his sovereign policy?

He has his own point of view on everything and he is not afraid to express it. Kurz's list of thought-crimes against the globalist agenda is truly endless. Either he defends Viktor Orban, or he supports the Visegrad Four. He says that "there is no need to destroy the world economy to save the planet from climate change." Then he dares to declare that "peace in Europe is impossible without Russia." Something had to be done with this.

European leftists, fed by Kurtz's best friend George Soros, have launched an information war on social networks against the Austrian Chancellor. This summer it became known that Kurz's girlfriend was expecting a baby. Haters immediately began to memorize on the topic "baby Hitler will have his own baby."

The US State Department said that American diplomats in Vienna were being offended by Russian special services. Politico reported that "the political prodigy has turned into a criminal manipulator." German newspapers, serving American interests, discovered in the Chancellor a penchant for Nazi rhetoric. You ask, what was it? Maybe the chancellor was shouting "Sieg heil!" No, no, Kurtz just used the word homeland a few times.

While Kurtz was on a business trip, his office was searched. The Austrian prosecutor's office accuses his employees of using budget funds to conduct certain polls that put the politician in a favorable light.

It is suspected that there were some bribes to the editors of the Osterreich newspaper. This accusation sounds particularly strange. Kurtz is a star himself. His instagram has about 350 thousand subscribers. Bloggers and influencers discuss the color of his socks and like his selfies. Journalists absolutely do not need bribes to write about him.

Whoever was behind the attack on Kurz, it is clear that neither Washington nor Brussels needs such bright politicians at all. With the same scheme, the globalist elites are annihilating today Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian Northern League.

However, Kurz continues to be supported by voters. Many political analysts in Vienna believe that his resignation is just a clever political move. In 2019, he also left after Ibiza Gate. It was a crudely fabricated provocation against the leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz-Kristan Strache. Kurz then broke the coalition with this party and resigned. And almost immediately he won new elections and again headed the country's government. It's funny that the chancellor has hammered together a new coalition not with the Freedom Party, but with his most vicious antagonists - the Greens.

Now it is the Greens who are drowning Kurz with all their might. However, it is quite possible that the bell is ringing for them. "Kurz will take revenge on them all,-- says the editor of the German tabloid Bild. - and especially on the Greens. Well, Kurz has every opportunity for this. They call him a rock star, but what's a rock star without comebacks? Leaving to return is the favorite trick of the Alpine Trump.

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