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The virus as a weapon: corporations use it to divide the world

Victoria Nikiforova

American Internet users gloomily joke that the new strain of coronavirus "has killed fewer people so far than Alec Baldwin" (the Hollywood actor recently shot a woman on the set). Nevertheless, the omicron has already managed to get things done. Air traffic with a dozen African countries was suspended. Tourism, which had just begun to rise, collapsed again. At the same time, supply chains began to be interrupted, hence the deficit, rising prices, and food shortages. The economy of already poor countries is again at the bottom.

In fact, the discovery of the omicron - the danger of which is still completely incomprehensible to scientists - was the reason for the "golden billion" to impose sanctions on developing countries. For a period of time, they were literally kicked out of the global economy.

The list of countries subjected to restrictions looks contradictory. Omicron was first discovered by South African scientists. There, since the time of apartheid, good medicine has been preserved and it copes with the coronavirus quite successfully - much better than in Italy or France. For the discovery of a new strain - which is now walking around the world - South Africa was punished. “When South African scientists discovered… Omicron, the new variant, they immediately took on the responsibility of informing the world... And what is the result? – the President of the country Cyril Ramaphosa is indignant. -- The Northern countries impose a ban to punish the excellence that comes from Africa...»

In a completely incomprehensible way, Malawi suffered - at the time of the announcement of the sanctions, there were less than twenty cases of omicron in this country. Well, Hong Kong looks absolutely amazing on the list. This is not Africa at all and there were only two cases of infection there - for seven and a half million people.

The WHO has three categories for coronavirus strains. "For monitoring", "of interest" and "of danger". "Omicron" was immediately included in the third category, although it really is still inferior in the number of victims even to Alec Baldwin.

All this involuntarily gives rise to suspicions that a serious illness is being exploited by various interested parties for their own purposes.

Let's remember what the most popular strains of coronavirus have made headlines in the world media over the past year. Indian, Brazilian, South African. For a long time, they tried to ascribe Chinese origin to the very first strain. The Chinese fought like lions, but the British and American tabloids still refer to COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus."

That is, the list of the main strains recognized by the WHO as dangerous exactly coincides with the list of the BRICS countries - with the exception of Russia. These are the states that are trying to conduct their sovereign policies, in particular, they are fighting the dominance of American corporations - pharmaceutical and not only.

The United States unleashes a trade war against China - and almost immediately begins to impose on the world a version of the Chinese origin of the coronavirus. In the spring of 2021, India is testing its national vaccine - and at this time, the Anglo-Saxon media begins to publish horror stories about the Indian strain. Remember those eerie footage - mountains of corpses, smoke from burning bodies, overcrowded hospitals? No one seems to notice that hospitals in India are traditionally overcrowded, and the ritual cremation of the dead is part of the usual local way of life.

Jair Bolsonaro is actively taking the economy of his huge country out of the control of American corporations, building instead a large-scale cooperation with China. For this, the American media demonizes him worse than Trump. And here the topic with the "Brazilian" strain arises just in time.

The same story is with the President of South Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa is actively fighting the "vaccine imperialism" of American pharmaceutical companies. He has the courage to declare that Africa does not need charitable handouts. That countries - even the poorest - should be able to produce and distribute vaccines on their own. And for this, Western Big Pharma must share its technologies with them. This process could be organized by the WHO, and the WTO should, in order to save millions, abandon its rule on copyright protection.

Cyril Ramaphosa voiced this revolutionary idea at the September COVID-19 Summit hosted by Joe Biden. The entire summit then boiled down to the fact that the US President advertised American vaccines and promised to supply them to literally everyone who wants it and does not want it. All the speakers - prime ministers and presidents of different countries - thanked him respectfully. The South African president's speech looked like a riot on a ship. And now, less than a couple of months later, the South African strain appeared.

At the same time, no one seems to see the obvious fact. The undisputed world champion in infections and deaths from coronavirus is the United States of America. The country beats all mortality anti-records, literally genocide its population. Nevertheless, according to WHO, the American strain does not pose any danger. Previously, he was on the list «of interest", then moved to the "list for monitoring".

In general, a paradoxical situation is developing. Western countries are stockpiling billions of doses of vaccines. At this time, residents of African countries have nothing to vaccinate - today only 7 percent of them are vaccinated (compared to 66% of those vaccinated in the EU). Naturally, they get sick, and then Western countries additionally punish them by closing borders. In addition to ruining their lives, they are also being ruined by the economy. Leaders of African countries rightly call this state of affairs "vaccine apartheid". And human rights defenders note that such a policy is a new version of colonialism

In theory, WHO and its director, Tedros Ghebreisus, have consistently called for a fair distribution of vaccines. However, these calls do not bring any real result. This is also pretty annoying for the inhabitants of the black continent. Africa generally has a traditionally difficult relationship with WHO.

Both local elites and the local population suspect that the Geneva organization has become overly dependent on its American sponsors. There are some grounds for such suspicions. Back in 2017, the American publication Politico released an investigation: "Meet Bill Gates - the most powerful doctor in the world." Source at WHO told reporters about the truly royal honors that are being given in Geneva to the American oligarch, the largest private sponsor of the WHO. "No candidate for the director post can succeed until they get approval from Gates," was the catchphrase. Two months after the article was published, Tedros Gebreisus became the general director of WHO.

Some Africans also have complaints about him personally. Before becoming the Minister of Health of Ethiopia, Mr. (or rather, comrade) Gebreisus was a member of the left-radical nationalist party "Liberation Front of Tygrai".

Political opponents argued that in the struggle for power, the Tygrais were massively driven from the land, dooming to starvation, the Amhara people. When the Front seized power in the country and Tedros Gebreisus became Minister of Health, Amhara representatives accused him of outright genocide. By the way, it was at this time that he established close ties with Bill Gates. Perhaps this is all the slander of his enemies, but a person with such an exotic biography looks rather strange at the head of the World Health Organization.

Why is this whole story important for Russia? It clearly demonstrates the degradation of international institutions, control over which American partners are constantly trying to seize. We’ve been through this many times.

First we got into a scam called “loans from the IMF”. We barely paid off our debts and, only after that were able to regain our real sovereignty. Then for years we tried to integrate into the WTO. We built in, sacrificing a lot, we play by the rules, it would seem that this is happiness. But no, contrary to all the rules and regulations of the WTO, our country was imposed with openly illegal sanctions. How does this all fit in with the idea of a free market, which is fundamental to the WTO? Who cares?

Exactly the same is happening with international sports organizations. Russia honestly pays contributions, fulfills all requirements, Russian athletes take doping tests already around the clock, it would seem, on a daily basis. But no, mocking, deliberately absurd sanctions awaited us here too.

Now we are awaiting with trepidation when WHO will approve "Sputnik V" - the world's first and best-proven vaccine against coronavirus. Again we play by the rules that were not invented by us and which can be rewritten at any time. Needless to say, the WHO approved American vaccines in the first place?

This is not about “taking offense” and leaving all international institutions. It is only in the fevered dreams of individual patriots that Russia is fenced off from the whole world and sits on its own. No, being part of the global world, you need to understand that all of its international organizations are just management tools. You need to fight for them, you need to work with them - well, for example, as the Chinese comrades do. And to prevent venerable organizations, lavishly sponsored by every country in the world, from running errands for American businessmen.

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