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New normalcy abolished women

Victoria Nikiforova

In Scotland, a mountainous separatist enclave north of England, the New Normal set another record. Local police officers agreed that the rapist has the right to identify himself by any gender when arrested. Well, that is, he can call himself a woman, and the cops will be forced to put this case in the protocol and write it down. And treat him accordingly.

The benefits of the offender are obvious. If proven guilty in court, the lawyer can talk about the unbearable suffering of his client. Describe how he felt himself a woman all his life. And then suddenly he looks, a natural woman is walking by, he took her and raped - from great mental pain. Now he may well deserve not a prison term, but a psychological rehabilitation.

Well, if the number doesn't work, the villain will go to the women's prison. The conditions there are much milder, it will be possible to scoff at the inmates. It will be possible to rape the next victim - such precedents already exist.

In recent years, rape criminals in British prisons have been in the habit of declaring themselves transgender. Under this case, they demanded immediate transfer to women's prisons. Only the incredible efforts of lawyers and human rights defenders managed to slow down this process. And here it is again.

At the same time, the Scottish legislation itself is drawn up in the old fashioned way, in accordance with biology and common sense. Forced sexual intercourse with the help of the penis is considered rape. But at the same time, now the owner of a penis can declare himself a woman.

This amazing story would have passed unnoticed. Well, you never know what we have not yet seen? Fortunately, the writer J.K. Rowling lives in Edinburgh. "I can not be silent!" - like Lev Tolstoy she said and ridiculed the initiative of the Scottish police on her Twitter.

Note that you have to be the author of a super popular fairy tale, the richest writer in the world, a superstar and an idol for several generations - and only then you have a chance to say - guys, can a rapist declare himself a woman? And they might even hear you.

This is not the first time J.K. Rowling has stood up for the women. Last time she criticised transgender people for calling women "menstruating people." For a joke on this matter, she was cancelled. Corporations broke contracts with her, actors who became stars thanks to her "Harry Potter" renounced her, publishers refused to print books, and subscribers spread hate on social networks.

By the way, her demarche did not lead to anything. The word "women" is consistently and methodically purged from modern vocabulary. The main medical journal The Lancet is already calling you and me, dear readers, "bodies with vaginas." There is another option "these, with ovaries". “Women” is now a deeply outdated and rather indecent word.

But the story did not end there. In November, transgender activists posted a photo of Rowling's house and address on social media. She received death threats. I hope that world fame and multimillion-dollar capital will allow the writer to save herself. But notice how quickly the story turned - from protecting transgender people we came to the fact that a woman who spoke out against this madness is absolutely risking her life.

Do women's lives matter at all? This is highly questionable. It's one thing if you have a non-traditional sexual orientation, dark skin color, disability, mental disorder, addiction, or better all of this together. But if no, and if you allow yourself to speak out against the new normalcy, you are in danger.

In its own way, it is sad to watch fiery feminists become the victims of new normalcy. The radicals had been fighting against the patriarchy for decades, they devoutly followed the liberal agenda, - and now what a surprise!

In October, the University of Sussex fired 48-year-old gender theorist Kaitlyn Stoke. She had the audacity to assert that transgender people are not women, and it is impossible to change the biological sex. The matter was not limited to the dismissal. The student activists beat Stoke and pushed her under the bus. Today the writer is threatened with murder and harassed on social networks. Stoke has no money for security, unlike Rowling. “Move,” the police phlegmatically advise her.

It's always sad to watch revolutions devour their children. Danton, threatening Robespierre from the cart, carrying him to the guillotine. Robespierre going there a few months later. Verkhovensky Sr., babbling in horror to Verkhovensky Jr.: "It's not that ... not that …"

The horror is that the current revolution in laws znd morals, in fact, throws us into a deep archaic. All these wild initiatives are aimed at creating a few privileged classes - on the very top gays, lesbians, trances, queers and all shades of rainbow will come together in hellish battle - and marginalize the majority in the most brutal way.

From all these showdowns, which begin so innocently - with a dispute about the pronouns "he", "she", "they" - most women suffer most. These are the usual cisgender - that is, loving men - working, pregnant and giving birth women. They seem to be absent in the new normalcy at all. They literally create both the life and wealth of our planet, but they seem to be nonexistent.

You cannot call them women. To beat, rape and kill — you are welcome!. Insult, mock - well, of course. Isn't it a mockery when unshaven guys cosplay rhythmic gymnastics or advertise feminine hygiene products?

Exploit, not provide the most common rights - such as the sick leave or maternity leave - yes, please. Have you seen many feminists who fight for some real rights of real women? For maternity leave, for example? Nope. For some reason, activists prefer to make topless selfies. Or rap in churches.

There are no normal women in cinema, fashion, show business. Now they will be cleansed from sports - there will be only transgender people. There are billions of women on Earth, but they do not have their own voice. This, in fact, is the most oppressed and doomed to dumbness - no, not a minority, but the majority of humanity. And they are being driven into a new ghetto by those Western countries where, it would seem, women were able to achieve some kind of equality in their time.

This fall, 21-year-old student Milo Ayre-Morgan, a man, became the representative for women at the Cambridge Student Union. He immediately issued a manifesto in which he explicitly declared that "biological women" are by nature extreme right-wing (read, "fascist") and he intends to protect transgender people and representatives of other "marginalized genders" from them. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10087849/Cambridge-SU-publishes-pro-trans-guide-claiming-woman-not-just-biological-sex.html

Well, we understand that Cambridge is not just a university. This is the forge of party cadres, and in the future young Milo has every chance to get a top position in the global bureaucracy. The trend, however.

Answering a question that will certainly be risen: why are you writing about this? For the same reason why a year ago we wrote about inflation in England and the United States - to warn of what to prepare for. Unfortunately, we still live in a globalized world. Our senior Verkhovenskys, too, moaning and groaning, are trying to fit into the trend.

They already try to use all these writeress, authoress, directress, that sound so humiliating. Discrimination against women begins with these Newspeak experiments. It ends with what we now see in Scotland. And this is a very short road, only a few years. Let's not take this path.

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