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Do Americans want war with Russia?

Victoria Nikiforova

There is a fair amount of evasion in the whole story with Ukraine. We are discussing the problem of Donbass, the non-fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, the passionate desire of our neighbours to join NATO. For themselves, however, everyone understands perfectly well that Ukraine has nothing to do with it at all.

For the past thirty years it has been a phantom country, an eerie and ridiculous mirage, which, with its embroidered shirts, «mova» language and nazi torchlight parades, has drawn around the old Soviet gas pipelines. There was a pipe country. Now the pipe is empty, and all this delirium has dissipated like smoke. There was only "Окраина" left - the occupied territory, a suitcase without a handle, which in the last days, before being thrown, American owners hastily stuffed with explosives. It is not even a pawn, but a checker, which Russia and America move in their Great Game.

Just like with Georgia in 2008, this is a story about relations between the United States and the Russian Federation. These are the negotiations of our top officials, these are our last warnings, this is our military and diplomatic activity. Accordingly, the main question of our time is what do Americans think about this? Are they going to fight for their Окраина? And if so, how serious?

Senator Roger Wicker's statement, who promised to send troops to Ukraine and think about using nuclear weapons against Russia, made a splash. "Not an inch back!" - he announced on his Twitter yesterday. But he is not the only one so eccentric. Senator Joni Ernst published in Defense news an entire plan to combat the nonexistent Russian aggression. She demands NATO units constantly stay in Ukraine, conduct exercises and briefings there.

Both Ernst and Wicker are Republicans. Perhaps this unhealthy aggressiveness is a feature of their party? "Eisenhower is raving about war" as the Soviet comic coupletists sang?

But no, on the democratic flank the picture is even more depressing. President Biden has already pledged to send American troops to reinforce NATO armies in Eastern Europe. Neocons headed by Victoria Nuland are eager to fight even more fiercely than the classical republican hawks.

Militaristic frenzy has engulfed both parties, and Fox News nightingale Tucker Carlson notes with noticeable nostalgia: ..if there is one thing that Donald Trump deserves eternal credit for is keeping idiots like that in their box for four years. There were no pointless wars under Donald Trump.В»

Indeed, Trump forgot about Ukraine altogether, and preferred to wage exclusively trade wars with significant players like China. Remember how elegantly he backed down at the first hint of a real conflict with North Korea. "Peace, friendship, chewing gum." How did it happen that a professional developer understood international affairs much better than professional politicians?

It has already been noted more than once how closely the current situation with Ukraine resembles the beginning of the Cuban missile crisis. American information policy in these days of crisis is a classic bipolar. Sudden, unsubstantiated, psychopathic rushes from one extreme to another. That "the Russians are coming!" On the contrary - "we'll throw bombs!"

In 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy knocked out budget money for the Pentagon, frightening his colleagues that it was literally a matter of survival. Kennedy claims the Soviets have a distinct advantage over long-range missiles. If this advantage accumulates and the Russians decide that they can hit all important targets with one blow, then they will immediately bang all the nuclear weapons they have at the United States. Therefore, more money are needed.

June 1961 comes. Kennedy has already become president and is meeting with Khrushchev in Vienna. Like Ukraine now, then the leaders were discussing the fate of another limitrophe - the negotiations were about the fate of West Berlin. An American journalist recalls that in Vienna, the presidential team began to openly brag to the Soviet colleagues of America's superiority in nuclear weapons and hint that America would launch the preventive strike...

The Vienna meeting began shortly after the infamous failure of the American operation to topple Fidel Castro. The December talks between Putin and Biden took place three months after the infamous flight of the American army from Afghanistan.

The negotiations in Vienna actually confirmed the status quo - a wall was built in Berlin, the West Berlin issue was frozen for thirty years. After the talks between Putin and Biden, so far, too, no significant changes have occurred.

However, in 1961, aggressive American rhetoric, coupled with the deployment of their missiles in Turkey, provoked Khrushchev to send missiles to Cuba. And all hell broke loose.

What do ordinary Americans think of Окраина today? In 2014, the Washington Post published the results of a poll on "Do Americans want to fight for Ukraine?" At that time, only 13 percent of those polled wanted war. In parallel, the participants were asked to find Ukraine on the world map. Only 16 percent found it. The poll showed an interesting correlation: the worse the participant imagined where Ukraine was, the more he wanted to send troops there.

The survey map is really impressive. The American "Ukraine" is located in Africa, then in India, then in Alaska, then in Iceland. This, of course, is not just ignorance - it is the effect of the information bubble in which Americans have lived for generations. The reality inside it has long had nothing to do with the way things are in the world. There is a different geography, a different policy, a different economy, everything is different.

But even worse is the fact that the elites who create this Matrix have already believed in it themselves, have completely immersed themselves in it and live like this. Many Harvard alumni are no different from the uneducated black mom from Tupelo, Mississippi.

Since 2014, Americans, and with them all the inhabitants of the golden billion, have been diligently prepared for military difficulties. Hollywood churned out blockbusters about universal catastrophes, on the ruins of which American superheroes rescue individual survivors. The post-apocalypse genre flourished.

It's easy to see that post-up always looks extremely cozy in a Hollywood performance. Be sure to have some kind of generator that provides electricity, petrol is always available too. Lights are on, fans are spinning, the fridge is dispensing ice cubes for cocktails. The lonely hero wanders through the deserted cities, eats well, listens to music, and involuntarily the thought creeps into his head that this way - without people - it only got better.

It is the Russians - and many other peoples - who have a genetic memory of the war on their territory. They understand that in reality the deserted cities would be littered with rotting corpses, and the hero would be instantly shot in the head by some surviving psycho or bandit. But the Americans, who have never experienced the horror of total war, are massively confident that after a nuclear war it will be so - romantic and with violins in the background.

In many ways, climate rhetoric prepares people for the hardships of the post-war world. Every day, progressive media urge progressive citizens to switch to soy meat and fried grasshoppers, to give up beef, milk, cheese, coffee, wine.

Naturally, the question arises - how will the population of the rest of the world live if the golden billion goes to grasshoppers? What will the inhabitants of those countries eat, where meat, wine and coffee were previously produced? And what must happen to manufacturing, the agroindustry, supply chains for the whole world to come to life like this? We are told that it is an ecological disaster. But isn't ecological disaster a polite metaphor for a global nuclear war?

Well, the nightmare that is happening in Europe today is reminding Weimar Germany. Need, cold and hunger should train Europeans and prepare them for the fact that even war is better than the world in which they live. A horrible end is better than an endless horror. However, in America, such deprivation is also not far off.

The worse people live, the more they are determined to fight. War remains the only social elevator, and what is there, the only opportunity to eat well. In the prosperous Ukraine of the 90s, no one wanted to join NATO. In today's impoverished Окраина, this cause is already supported by about half of the population.

Everything is the same in America. In 2021, already half of Americans agreed to send American soldiers to fight with Russia. True, this survey was conducted in July this year. It seems that after the getaway from Afghanistan, the results would have been different. It is also understandable that Americans like to paint on numbers both in elections and in statistics, in general, everywhere.

However, on the whole, the militarization of the mass consciousness is proceeding at a frantic pace, and this is quite understandable. The life of the American people is being made worse. Unprecedented inflation threatens to discredit the dollar and finally plunge the country into poverty. The only chance of salvation looks like plundering such rich countries as Russia and China.

American elites have driven themselves into the trap of world domination. Having shown weakness in Afghanistan, they understand that no one will forgive them for the next failure. In Soviet times, Americans believed in the "domino principle" - they were afraid that if any country caught the infection of communism, then its neighbors would certainly also fall under the influence of the Soviet Union.

America today faces a loss of influence along the same lines of dominoes. Washington cannot but see that good Taiwanese are pulling Chinese flags out of their stash, and generous Ukrainians get Russian ones. "There are few real violent madmen", there are no fools to fight for Washington. The population of the limitrophic territories has been trained for centuries to meet armies not with machine guns, but with flowers. I think most are already buying bouquets.

Well, after the failures in these areas, Washington expects a massive run-away of all the other so-called allies. And the Americans will not have worse enemies than their former vassals.

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